Love never fails...

EL AMOR NUNCA DEJA DE SER… (I Corintios 13:8)

Crochet heart made with the pattern from Cornflower Blue Studio.

Corazón a crochet hecho con el patrón de Cornflower BlueStudio.


  1. Love never fails. I think I will write this in my valentine card this year. Thanks :)

  2. Cute little heart! I have just been making some of them too (but I found the pattern somewhere else). What did you make yours into? I love that you put it with a Bible verse! :)

  3. Thank you all!!!
    SEAWEED & RAINE: I used the little heart (with 2 others) as a decoration for the gift bag of a baby boy. It is with the same yarn that I used for the baby sweater. I visited your blog, and I love your ideas. Lovely blog; I will become your follower ;-)


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