I think all colors are beautiful, and each one has a purpose in life…and in crafting. Since I knit and crochet not only for myself, but also for gifts or for selling, then I use a wide variety of colors for my yarns.
Yo considero que todos los colores son hermosos, y cada uno cumple un propósito en la vida...y en las manualidades. Dado que no solo tejo para mí, sino también para regalos y para vender, entonces realmente uso una gran gama de colores para mis lanas. 

When it comes to GIFTS... I take into consideration what colors and textures that special person might like.  There are those bold friends who dare wear fun colors…and then, there are those who are more conservative, who prefer neutrals.

Cuando se trata de REGALOS... tomo en consideración los colores y las texturas que esa persona especial prefiere.  Hay personas que se atreven a usar colores divertidos...pero también hay quienes son más conservadores, y prefieren los tonos neutrales.

When it comes to SELLING, I have noticed that people are drawn to the fun colors; but, believe it or not, they tend to buy the neutral ones: beige, white, black, blue.  They say they want something that they can match with most everything.

Cuando se trata de VENDER...me he dado cuenta que la gente le llama la atención los colores vivos; sin embargo, tienden a comprar piezas con colores neutrales, como beige, blanco, negro, azul.  Me dicen que quieren algo que puedan combinar con muchas cosas.

Personally,  I prefer to have neutral pieces in my closet, and buy turquoise earrings, or make a red scarf, for a special touch.  Presently, I am into purple, fuchsia, turquoise, autumn red, mustard yellow...and mix them up with grey (now my favourite neutral). 

En lo personal, yo prefiero lo opuesto...tener piezas clásicas y neutrales en mi closet, y comprar unos aretes turquesa o tejerme una bufanda roja para darle vida a mi vestuario.  Actualmente me he sentido atraída hacia los morados, magenta, turquesa, rojo otoño, amarillo mostaza ... y los combino con gris, (mi neutral favorito del momento).

And, how about you?   Which colours do you prefer?
Y tú, ¿cuáles colores son tus preferidos?


  1. What a nice start into this week, I love the way you're presenting your pictures!

    You've picked an interesting approach to this topic! I'm hardly making any clothes or accessories at all, so I never have to deal with the question which colors I (or others) like to wear. If it came down to that, I'd probably go for neutral colors like black, dark blue or grey, too!

    See you tomorrow :)

  2. Que interesante, asi que aunque nos llamen la atención los colores fuertes compramos los neutros! ¿No nos atrevemos?

  3. Preciosa entrada amiguis si que inspiras a mi me encantan todos los colores al combinarlos neutros y fuertes son adorables ;P

    Feliz Sant Jordi!

  4. How interesting that people are drawn to bright colours but buy the neutral ones! I do recognize that, I'm often drawn to bright patterns but make the project in more soft colours. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, can't wait for tomorrow!

  5. I love your photos and how you lay them out. So clever! I usually tend to knit neutral or blues for myself, but like you if I knit for someone else, I try to consider what color they like. But I didn't know that about the preference for neutral baby clothes, either. I learned a lot today. Thanks!

  6. Wonderful first post ♥ and I never really noticed that, about buyers buying more neutral versus color. So it's very, very true (even in my own habits.)

  7. This is a great first post for blog week - thank you for sharing it. I really love the way you have set your photos out - they are really appealing. They really highlight the colours of the yarn in the photos. Looking forward to seeing your next post. Martine

  8. Wow! Such a good post. I love how you arranged it. As I found out when doing my post, I use all colors except some greens and yellows. I love neutrals as well. Sometimes if the yarn is high quality and in an undyed, natural color I am happy as a clam...a knitting and crocheting clam, that is!

  9. Such wonderful pictures!

  10. My first time too. Having just gotten back into town last night, didn't have much time today to have fun with blogging. Cute little sweaters. Purple...you mentioned as a color you're into right now, makes me think of my DD

  11. I really like your your reflection on the interplay between neutrals and bright colours. And it's often the case that neutral pieces are the most wearable and flexible. I have been skirting around grey as a neutral base for a while but haven't quite had the courage to plunge in - you encourage me to give it a go! Thank you! This week is proving wonderful for making one think differently about previous assumptions and we have only had Day 1! Elizabeth x

  12. What fun pictures, a great interpretation of color..
    Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy this bloggy week.

  13. It is so interesting that there is a difference between what people like and what they actually buy when buying accessory pieces. But I guess it makes sense.

  14. I agree with you : neutral colors in the closet but an explosion of color in accessories !
    (Sorry for my broken English)

  15. I suppose I'm not surprised that what people like and what they actually buy are different as I guess I'm the same. Lovely colours in this post, I love the scarf with the fan shapes - gorgeous!

  16. Si me pongo a elegir, siempre termino con una lana azul en la mano :)



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