We crafters need to be realistic:  Not everything turns out as planned.  We have a dreamy idea in our heads, but then…the outcome is nothing close to our plans. 

Necesitamos ser realistas: No todo lo que nos proponemos nos sale como habíamos planeado. Tal vez teníamos una brillante idea en la cabeza, pero en la práctica no siempre sale igual.    

Seamos realistas

This is the case of this knit baby cardigan…In my head, it was wonderful!  In the needles, it was looking good.  But after casting off, I was disillusioned!

 Este es el caso de este pequeño cardigan para bebé  que estaba tejiendo a dos agujas (tricot)… En teoría, debía quedar muy lindo.  En las agujas, comenzaba a verse bien.  Pero al cerrarlo, ¡me desilusioné!

Un cuella muy ancho...¿Qué pasó con el borde?

Does this mean that we give up?  Not at all.  We learn and try again.  That is life!  And that is how we become “experts” (which comes from the word: “experience”). 

Pero esto no significa que me daré por vencida. Uno debe aprender y volver a intentarlo.  ¡Así es la vida!  Y así es como nos volvemos en “expertos” (que viene de la palabra: “experiencia”). 

Los bordes se enrrollan

And now I am trying again, with another yarn, and with the lessons under my belt.  I hope this time I will be more successful…

De hecho, ahora lo estoy intentando de nuevo,  con otra lana, tomando en cuenta las lecciones aprendidas.  Espero obtener mejores resultados…




  1. ánimos!!!! a todas nos ha pasado, el siguiente te quedara de maravilla!!

  2. Good luck and keep trying! I think it's hard to get the right proportions with raglan-sleeve styles - but what a very cute sweater design. :)

  3. ...wise words!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. It's beautiful so far though Ana, I love the style of it and the colours you've used. Good luck getting just how you want it though :)

    S x

  5. Ana it will be fine if you block it, as for the curling all you need to do is lay a damp towel over it, leave it to dry and it usually flattens it. If you manage to make it without it curling please let us know how you did it because mine always does too. xx

  6. I have no doubt that you will be successful once you look more closely at this wonderful knit! It's adorable!

  7. Could you not do some crochet edging on the top and bottom of the cardi? Maybe that would solve the curling problem and avoid you starting all over again.

  8. Yo no soy ninguna experta en el punto a dos agujas pero he visto a algunas personas que lo arreglan con un par de vueltas en ganchillo.


  9. What a pity. I would try to crochet around (e.g. one strong row of sc), just like Paula already said too. Or try lindas suggestion, if I remember well also my mother did this sometimes. If nothing helps, then good luck with the second try!

  10. Thank you so much for all your tips. Really great ideas!!! If the neck part wasn´t SO wide, I´d try to fix it. I made it from the neck down, so the "first part" is what is bothering me the most now. I think this time I will unravel it, but next time definitely I will block it, and maybe try a crochet border, which I love. I already started a similar top, but with a different yarn (cotton), and it is looking good...

  11. No te preocupes, todas nos equivocamos alguna vez, y con la cantidad de cosas bonitas que haces, seguro que no te cuesta nada arreglarlo.
    Por lo demás a mi me parece un modelo precioso y estoy deseando ver el final.
    Un besazo!


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