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In January, I joined the “Beyond the Square Challenge 2012”, organized by Barbara, through her blog “Crochet: Made inK-Town”.   She challenged us to make at least 100 of the 144 motifs found in the book: “Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs” (by Edie Eckman). 
En Enero me uní al “Reto Beyond the Square 2012”, organizado por Barbara a través de su blog: “Crochet: Made in K-Town”.  Ella nos retó a hacer por lo menos 100 de los 144 motifs del libro: “Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs (de Edie Eckman).   

So far, I have made 36 . You can follow my progress by checking the tab: Motif Challenge 2012.  The last two I shared were these 2 flowers.  They follow basically the same pattern, but the only thing that changes is the center; yet, they look so different.
Hasta ahora he hecho 36 motifs.  Pueden seguir mi progreso visitando la pestaña: Motif Challenge 2012.   Las últimas que compartí fueron estas dos flores, que básicamente siguen el mismo patrón, pero lo único que cambia es el centro; aun así, se miran tan diferentes.

There is something about flowers that make people happy and smile.  If they are real, or even if they are made of yarn, thread, silk or paper, flowers brighten our day and embellish anything. 
Hay algo con las flores que nos hacen sonreír.  Ya sean de verdad o hechas con lana, hilo, seda o papel, las flores nos alegran el día y embellecen cualquier cosa. 

These are crochet flowers from my motif collection, and real flowers from my garden.
Éstas son flores hechas en crochet de mi colección de motifs, y flores reales de mi jardín

Art imitates life”…or may be I should say: Craft imitating life…
El arte imita la vida”…o tal vez debería decir: las manualidades imitando la vida…


  1. oh, these are pretty looking pictures, the crochet flowers together with the real ones!

  2. I've been working on using more flower motifs as well! Yours are so lovely!.

  3. Hi Ana, these flowers look lovely!

    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on creJJtion - and to read that I inspired you and your friends to make baby blankets makes my heart sing! Really, you made my day letting me know this great news. I am utmost happy :)
    Will you show me the results when they are ready? I would love to see them!

    Sending you love,

  4. It was so lovely to hear from you, Maaike. Of course, I would be more than happy to show you the fruit of your inspiration. One blanket is done, but I need to take pictures. The other two are on the few last rows, and in need of the border. I will show you the photos as soon as I have them.
    Thanks again for sharing your good taste and craft ideas with the world.
    with love,
    Ana BC

  5. Hi Ana, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I love your flowers and the way you've photographed them with the real flowers. Beautiful:)

  6. Lovely! I agree. Flowers really brighten each and every day. Gotta have them, whether real or not!

  7. Your flowers are so beautiful, I feel inspired to make some myself (hopefully near as pretty!)


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