(Made by/ Hecho por: Beatriz)

Some people ask:  What can you use motifs for?  Actually, they can be used to make many things, such as coasters, blankets, table runners, tops, and shawls…
Here is a shawl my mom made from motifs:

Algunas personas preguntan: ¿Para qué sirven los motifs?  En realidad hay múltiples usos, tales como portavasos, frazadas, manteles, blusas y chales…
Éste es un chal que mi mamá hizo de motifs:

The motif used for this shawl comes from the book: Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, by Edie Eckman.  It is Motif # 118.  This is one of my favorite motifs, and the one I have on my blog´s header.  [Note: I am currently making random motifs from that book, and you can follow my progress in my gallery: Motif Challenge 2012.]

El motif que se usó para este chal viene del libro “Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs”, de Edie Eckman.  Éste es el Motif # 118.  Es uno de mis favoritos, y es el que aparece en el titular de mi blog.  Actualmente estoy haciendo los motifs de ese libro, y pueden ver mi progreso visitando esta página:  Motif Challenge 2012. 

This shawl was made with 28 full motifs, and 8 half motifs, in the following arrangement:
Este chal fue elaborado con 28 motifs completos y 8 mitades, dispuestos de la siguiente manera:

Motif arrangment for Shawl

The border was made with simple "chain arches".
El borde son simples arcos de cadenas. 

Yarn (Lana):  Alpaca in antique pink.
Hook: 4 mm


  1. What a beautiful shawl! Those motifs joined together make such an exquisite fabric and the drape is fantastic. It must be a joy to wear.

  2. I think motifs are wonderful building blocks. This shawl is stunning!

  3. Muy bello tu blog me encanto, tus trabajos son preciosos besitos Sandra.

  4. your mom has done a great job Ana that shawl is beautiful :)

  5. That is really lovely...looks like I need to buy another book (not that I'm really complaining about that...)

  6. So beautiful! I have been trying to do this, but with round motifs--crazy hard! I will try squares next time. :-)


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