One of my favourite things in life is to TRAVEL.
One of my favourite hobbies is to KNIT and CROCHET.
Now imagine combining both!!!  That would be my DREAM DAY.

Una de las cosas que más amo en la vida es VIAJAR.
Uno de mis pasatiempos favoritos es TEJER.
Ahora imaginen combinar ambos... ¡Eso sería mi “día soñado”!

If I could choose, where would I go?  Without hesitation, I would go to New Zealand.  I love the place.  So imagine my surprise when I found out that there are actual “Knitting tours” to my dream destination.  Wow!!!

Si pudiera escoger, ¿a dónde iría?  Sin titubear, me gustaría ir a Nueva Zelanda.  Me encanta el lugar.  Así que imagínense mi sorpresa cuando descubrí que existen “tours de tejido” para el lugar de mis sueños. 

Check out the magazine Vogue Knitting´s tour to Australia and New Zealand (2007).  Or the two tours that “Kiwiyarns” set up in New Zealand (2010), in the North Island and in the South Island.

Dale un vistazo al tour que la revista Vogue Knitting organizó en Australia y NuevaZelanda (2007); o los dos tours de Kiwiyarns en la Isla del Norte, y en la Isla del Sur, en Nueva Zelanda (2010).

Is New Zealand too far away for you?  There are other destinations for “knitting tours”, such as: Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Peru, among others.   This fall, Vogue Knitting is organizing a tour to Scotland and Iceland.  

¿Siente que Nueva Zelanda está demasiado lejos?  Pues hay otros destinos para los “Tours del Tejido”, tales como Irlanda, Escocia, Turquía, Perú, entre otros.  Para este otoño,  Vogue Knitting está organizando un tour a Escocia e Islandia. 

Are you tempted? Let´s pack our bags!
... but then I woke up from my dream.  Dreaming does not cost a penny.

¿Están tentados?  Entonces, ¡preparemos el equipaje!
... pero entonces me desperté del sueño.  Soñar no cuesta nada.


  1. Knitting and traveling make a great combination. I would love to go to all those places you mentioned. However, I have two kids in college, so I'm not doing a whole lot of traveling these days!

  2. New Ealand sounds awesome And that's many hours in the plane, so a lot of spare time to crochet or knit !
    I love Ireland and Scotland too.
    Lovely post !

  3. I'll go anywhere, but I've been really wanting to go to New Zealand. And whole trip focused on knitting? Bliss.

  4. Sound Ideal Ana a knitting tour anywhere would be nice. I have been to New Zealand and it is a beautiful country you could certainly get lots of knitting done on the journey over there it took me 23 hours only problem is they won't allow knitting needles on the plane lol

  5. And have you read/heard about the knitting cruise to Iceland??? I'm with you ... a knit/travel holiday would be a dream for me, too.

  6. This sounds like a great vacation! New Zealand is on my top travel dreaming list. I've really enjoyed your blog this weeks. So happy to have discovered you! :-)


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