super simple "DC SCARF"


A scarf made only with double crochet stitches (DC st)…What could be simpler than that?  But simple does not have to be boring.  By combining colors and yarns, even the simple dc´s can become more interesting. 

Una bufanda de puntos altos (varetas) solamente.  Nada podría ser más simple.  Pero simple no significa que tenga que ser aburrido.  Al combinar colores y distintas lanas, aun los puntos simples puedes volverse más interesantes.

Dark Grey with bright stripes in Angora
Gris oscuro con líneas coloridas en Angora

Bright colors and white...
Colores brillantes con blanco...

Lilac, Lavender, Pink and Berry Blue
Tonos lilas

Light Olive Green and Natural Beige
Verde olive claro y Beige natural

 "DC SCARF"...just plain Dc stitches.
"BUFANDA SIMPLE"...con simples puntos altos.


  1. love the dark grey one!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. I like the white and colour one, and you are right...patterns don't always have to be complicated....I am making my scarf out of granny stripes as I love how simple they are :)

    Though I like doing my crochet along the length of a scarf rather than the width...would give you different coloured long stripes :)

  3. Sencillo pero lindo, hay que ver que con el solo juego de los colores lo cambiantes que son siendo el mismo patrón, saludos

  4. Pretty scarves Ana, sometimes it's nice to make something straight forward like this, I love the scarf and hat together, they make a lovely set :)

  5. Double crochet, but in wonderful color combinations. They all look great!

  6. muy lindas!!! me encantan!!!

  7. Hi Ana,
    I just found your blog through a link party and have enjoyed looking at all of your work. I am hosting a baby themed link party on my blog. Would you link some of your baby item posts, share your creativity with us and help inspire other crocheters? I hope you do!


  8. Thanks for adding your work!


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