A colorful scarf and hat for a girl.
(ESP) Unas coloridas bufanda y gorra para niña.

I found the pattern for the scarf in Crochet Today magazine (sep/oct 2010).
It is made of simple granny squares, that are joined as you go along.  Then you finish with a simple crochet edge. 
(ESP) Encontré el patrón para la bufanda en la revista Crochet Today (sep/oct 2010).
Esta hecha de simples aplicaciones granny, las cuales se van uniendo conforme se van haciendo los cuadros.  Al final, se enmarca con un borde simple de medios puntos alrededor.

Then I made up the hat to match the scarf.  Here is the pattern, in case you what to give it a try...
Para coordinar con la bufanda, me ingenié una gorra estilo granny.  Aquí está el patrón gratuito, en caso quisieran hacerla...

Caron Simply Soft: White
Flower: Brites

Pattern for GRANNY WHITE HAT (in English)

Yarn: Medium, worsted
Needle: 4mm or 5mm (depending on how tight or loose you crochet. For better results, check the suggested number for the yarn you will use)
Size: 4 yrs to adult
Baby: skip rows 3 and 4 (for the rib part, you must have 36DC)
If you use baby yarn (fine), follow the instructions of a toddler size.
Toddler size: skip row 4, and on the 5th row you must skip a st after the 3DC.  For the rib part, you must have 48DC.

Ch = Chains
Sc = simple crochet
DC = Double crochet
FpSt = Front-post st
BpSt = Back-post st
Slst = slip stitch

Magic ring ( or ring of 4 chains)
1)  12DC on magic ring.
2)  Chain 3 (counts as first DC), and 1 DC on same st.  Then reperat: *2DC on each st * (Total: 24DC)
3)  Chain 3  (counts as first DC).  2 DC on next st.  Then follow this pattern all around: *1DC on the next st, and then 2 DC together on the next st* (Total: 36DC)
4)  Chain 3, and 1 DC in next st.  Then repeat all around:  *2 DC + 2 DC together* (that is, 1dc then 1 dc, then 2 dc´s on the same stitch)  (Total: 48 DC)
5)  Chain 3  (counts as first DC) , and DC on next 2 st.  Repeat all around: *Chain 1, DC in next 3 st*  (Total: 48 DC and ch)
End with sc on top of the first 3ch (This will leave the st in place to start  the granny pattern on the following row.  I do this instead of the traditional way, which ends with a chain and slip st, and then make slip sts until reaching the next chain-space.)
6-12> Chain 3  + 2 DC (on the space below, between the group of 3 DC´s).  Now repeat the following all around: *Chain 1 + 3 DC on 1ch-space below*, end with sc on top of the first 3 chains.
13> DC in each DC of prior row and 1 DC in each chain 1 space (Total: 64 DC) (Total: 64 DC)
14-16>  For the rib part:  Chain 2 (counts as first BpSt) + * 2 FpSt + 2BpSt* end with sl stitch, and cast off.

Optional: add a flower.

Patrón para
(en español)

Lana: Mediana
Aguja: 4mm or 5mm
Tamaño: 4 años a adulto 
Bebé: saltearse las hileras 3 y 4 (en el resorte deben quedarle 36 pilares o varetas).
Si usa lana de bebé (delgada), siga las instrucciones a continuación (par aun niño pequeño)
1 a 3 años: saltearse la hilera 4, y en la quinta hilera se debe saltear un punto luego de hacer los 3P (en el resorte deben quedarle 48P)

Cad = cadenas
Mp = medio pilar
P = Pilar o vareta
PF = pilar al frente
PD = pilar detrás
PD =  punto deslizado

Anillo mágico ( o anillo de 4 cadenas)
1)  12 P en el anillo mágico.
2)  3cad (cuentas como el primer P) + 1 P en el mismo punto *2P  en cada punto debajo* (Total: 24P)
3)  3cad + 2 P en el próximo punto *1P + 2P en el mismo punto * (Total: 36P)
4)  3cad + 1P+ 2 P en el próximo punto *2P + 2P en el mismo punto * (Total: 48 P)
5)  3cad (cuenta como primero P) + 2P * 1cad +  3P en los próximos 3 puntos (No saltearse ningún punto) *, terminar con medio punto en la parte superior de las 3 primeras cadenas (esto permitirá comenzar allí el patrón granny que se inciia en la próxima hilera.
6-12) 3cad + 2P (en el espacio del medio punto) *1cad + 3P en los espacios de 1cad*, terminar con medio punto en la última de las 3 cad primeras.
13) Pilar en cada punto, incluyendo los espacios de cadena (total: 60P)
14-16)  para el resorte: 3cad (cuenta como primer PD) + * 2 PF + 2PD* terminar con un punto deslizado.  Cerrar.
Opcional: flor.



  1. lovely hat and scarf so cute! thank you for the pattern will certainly give it a try.:)

  2. So pretty! Would this be a toddler size or a child size? What size hook and yarn? I don't see it listed anywhere. Thank you!

  3. Linda:
    I hope you try it, and let us see your version. ;-)
    (I have it in Ravelry in case you are a member, and you want to post it there)

    I appreciate your comment, and have added the yarn and needle info, as well as a note on how to adapt it to smaller sizes.
    I have made all 3 sizes, and they all come out cute. (I will put the pics soon)
    You can even use other yarns and adapt it. For example, I used baby yarn and followed the toddler size to compensate.
    I hope this helps.

  4. When you say dc in next stitch such as on rounds 3 and 4, do you mean don't put the dc in the joining stitch? When I put it in the next stitch (not the stitch I joined), I always have a gap between the ch3 and the first dc.. :( Please help.

    1. GREAT QUESTION! I also hate that gap. Depending on the yarn and hook I use, sometimes I go up with 2 chains (instead of 3ch). This usually makes that gap disappear.
      I would not suggest making 2 dc in the joining st because that would be an increase.
      Try this trick: On the beginning of every row, go up with 2 chains, instead of 3.

    2. Ok I will try that. Thank you. I am using red heart yarn size i hook

  5. Hi Ana,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm from Holland and there are people who like to have the pattern in Dutch. Do I have your permission to translate your pattern in Dutch? I will notice your name and website. I'm looking forward to your answer!

    1. Yes, Martha! That would be great. Just let me know when you set it up in your blog, so I can put the link in Ravelry, and even in my blog. Thanks for the translation.
      ♥ Ana BC

  6. This hat is beautiful. I try to make it, but I dont understand where to start a row 6. and 7. Can you draw it?

  7. Hello! I love the hat it is too cute!! However, I would like to know if you have a pattern for the flower that is shown on that hat? If so, would you mind sharing? Feliz Navidad!


  8. Just so, if it did not specify. It would be the pink, green, and blue flower shown on the white hat. Thank you so much!

  9. I would like to know the pattern for this white flower (fushia pink one is the same pattern?)

  10. Prcioso!!
    Muchisimas gracias por compartir el patrón.
    Lo hice,es super facil y queda muy lindo!
    Gracias nuevamente.

  11. geminicrafter3/11/14, 2:22 PM

    Gorgeous hat making it now thank you I am with friends setting up an online shop for handmade items would I be able to sell the finished hats please x

    1. No problem, Gemini! You can sell your finished products. Just make sure to link it up to this site if you post about it (in your blog or facebook, or any other publication)
      Ana BC

  12. On row 14-16 is it a single back post and front post, or double front and back post?


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