CRAFT: Fiber bottle & Grain Spheres

I love texture.  That is why I had to make this little craft:
Me encantas las cosas con textura.   Por eso me decidí a hacer esta pequeña manualidad:

It is a little bottle lined with natural fiber yarn or thin rope.  You can also use cans or plastic containers wit natural or colored yarn.  I used a glue gun, but you can also use white glue, but lots of it.
(ESP)  Es una pequeña botella, forrada de fibra natural o soga delgada.  También se puede hacer lo mismo con latas o botes plásticos con lanas naturales o de colores.

What you need:
Lo que se necesita:


I got the idea from Tangled Happy:
Saqué la idea del enlace anterior (Tangled Happy).


A while ago I made these grain spheres, which are made basically the same way, using as a base styrofoam spheres. I lined them with a variety of grains: white, black or red beans, chickpeas and coffee grains.
(ESP) Hace un tiempo hice estas esferas de granos, las cuales se elaboran practicamente de la misma forma, usando como base una esfera de poliestireno.  Las forre con una vairedad de granos: frijoles blancos, negros o pintos, garbanzos y granos de café.

You can also line the spheres with fibre rope, or even use metal tacks for a modern feel.
También puede forrar las esferas con fibra natural, o aún cubrirla de tachuelas para un toque más moderno. 


  1. Great ideas ... I have some styrofoam balls that I could use. I love the ones you've covered with grains (especially the chickpeas!).

  2. What a great Idear, to put grain and other things on cirkels (?) I like it.


  3. Love this! I have wanted to do this for ages and you just might have pushed this to the top of my "must make" list!! Can't decide if I like the bottle or the balls better. ~Lori

  4. Lori: Why not both?? ;-)
    Fiona: Aren´t the chickpeas cool and unique? But I have to say that my personal favorites are the coffee beans.
    Lis: Thanks. Greetings.

  5. I've made the coffee bean sphere before but am going to have a go at the bean and the tacks this weekend - thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy day!


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