These three blankets were made using the pattern for the “Ripple of Happiness Blanket”, found in the blog Le Monde de Sucrette

Estas tres frazadas las hicimos usando el patrón del blog LeMonde de Sucrette, llamado:
Ripple ofHappiness”.  Allí encontrarán la gráfica.

1.  Ripple Baby Blues 
(Baby size / tamaño para bebé)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in blues, and Madame Tricote in white and grey.
Hook: 5 mm

2. Autum Ripple 
This is a narrow and long blanket, specially made for the chair in my study.
Esta frazada es angosta y larga, especialmente diseñada para el sillón de mi estudio.

Yarn: mixed yarns (medium) from my stash (Caron Simply Soft, Cisne Rendidora + Premium, Madame Tricot)--in beige, brown, moss green, olive green, mustard yellow, brick brown, grey, off-white, dark beige.
Hook: 5 mm

3.  Baby Ripple
(Made by / Hecho por: Beatriz)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bone beige, light-medium-and-dark Country Blue, Pistachio green, Persimmon orange.
Hook: 5.5 mm

As you will notice, there are rows of slip stitch in this blanket, as a special touch. 
En esta se hicieron hileras de punto deslizado para darle un detalle especial. 

This blanket does not need a border, but we did a simple one anyway: (1sc + 1ch), and for the second row (2hdc in the ch-space).
Esta frazada no necesita de un borde, pero decidimos hacerle uno simple (1 medio pilar + 1 cad), y para la segunda hilera (2 varetas cortadas en el espacio de la cadena).

I just love the effect of the “Ripple Blanket”.  It is a very easy pattern, and the changing of colors every couple of rows makes it so much fun.  It flies. Who needs a blanket, and wants to try it?
Me gusta tanto el efecto ondeante de esta frazada.  Es un patrón muy sencillo, y el cambio de colores cada par de hileras lo hace muy entretenido. ¿Quién se anima a hacer una?


  1. Loving the Autumn colours one, Particularly the blue, it sets off the other colours brilliantly!

    S x

  2. Hi Ana, I'm so glad that I've found your blog via our little Challenge, so I'm happy that I can pass on an award to you today - If you'd like to accept it, come on over to k-town and grab it :)

  3. love the afghan! I have also chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful work. :)

  4. Dear Barbara and Tracey:
    I feel SO HONORED that you chose me for the award. I really appreciate it. Regretfully, I am no so keen on "chains", so I will not collect. But I want to thank you for thinking of me. That is very sweet.
    Thanks again!!!

  5. Your welcome and I completely understand. And thank you for the kind words about my blog and crochet. :) Your work is so pretty and I love looking at it and reading about it.
    Happy Crocheting,

  6. Que maravilla, me he enamorado de tu blog


  7. I love the colours in all 3 blankets! Though the second one is my favourite :D

  8. Wow! Beautiful!! I feel a need for a blanket right now after seeing these wonderful ones. The Autumn colours one is my favourite. Thank you for sharing.

  9. i love the blanket with the shades of brown best! thanks for sharing! my project this week is also all about blankets!

  10. Thank you all for your kind words! I am surprised that the brownish is becoming the favorite one. (I like that one too!)
    SYLVIA: I went to your blog to see your blankets. So cute, and how lovely you boy, hiding behind the blankies.
    MARIETA: Gracias. Bienvenida cuando quieras...

  11. Your blankets are beautiful Ana :)

  12. Wundervolle Decken!^^
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*


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