UP-DOWN INFINITY (Pattern in English)

Pattern (in English):  Up-Down Infinity Scarf

[Para las instrucciones en españolBufanda Infinito Arriba-Abajo]

This is an infinity scarf (no beginning nor end), knit with circular needles, and hold together with a garter buttoned tab when folded. 

For this scarf, you will need:
*  Medium, worsted yarn (but you can actually use other similar yarns).
If you want to make a multicolored scarf, you can choose 8 colors, using each color just once, except the first which will be repeated at the end.  This can be a great stash-buster project, because you just need a little of each color. Or you can use less colors and repeat them, or even just one color. 

Note: Just keep in mind that, given the design of the scarf, some colors will appear on one side, and other in the opposite side.
For example, if you use 8 colors:
Colors A, C, E, G, I will be predominant on one side
Colors B, D, F, H, A will show on the other side.

*  Long circular knitting needles, size 5 or 5.5 mm (for worsted yarn).  I personally used larger needles (6 mm), because I like my scarves soft and airy.  Use the size you feel most comfortable with.
*  One marker:  To keep track of the start/end of each row.

This scarf is a rather easy knit.   The hardest part is the cast on, since it is done length-wise.  But once you have achieved that, it is a piece of cake.  And the outcome is worth the effort. 

Knitting Instructions:
I will write the pattern for 8 colors (A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I), but you can use less, alternating them as you want, or even just one.

1.  Cast on 200 St (180 st for a shorter scarf) on long circular knitting needles.
[Tip:  When counting the stitches, mark with a pin every 50 st.  This helps in the counting, so you will not get lost with so many stitches.]

Here are some YouTube videos on how to CAST ON, which are methods that can be used for casting many stitches, different from the popular “long-tail method”.

*  With 2 knitting needles: Cast on: SlowVersion
* With circular knitting needles:  Knitting On Cast-on Method - Continental
*  With the help of a crochet hook: Stretchy Knitted Cast-on, or Crochet Cast on #1 , or Crochet Caston # 2

When you have finished casting the 200 st, join with a simple knot the yarn end at the beginning and end of the cast on, just to secure it.  Place a marker to keep track of start/end of each row.  Make sure the stitches are not twisted.  Now you are ready to start knitting your scarf on the round…

Row 1-4> (With COLOR A)  All knit.  Pass marker (pm).

There are 4 rows of every color.  When changing color, you also change the stitch (from K to P, or from P to K)…

Row 5-8> (With COLOR B)  All purl. (pm)

Repeat 1-4 with COLOR C
Repeat 5-8 with COLOR D

Repeat 1-4 with COLOR E
Repeat 5-8 with COLOR F

Repeat 1-4 with COLOR G
Repeat 5-8 with COLOR H

Repeat 1-4 with COLOR A

If you want a wider scarf, repeat rows 1-8 once or twice, with 2 or 4 other colors, or repeat some of the previously used. 

Cast off. Weave in ends.

BUTTON TAB  (Optional)

The button tab is optional.  It is a garter strip with buttons and button holes on the other side.  Its purpose is to hold the scarf together when folded in two.  It has buttons so you can put it on, or take it off easily. 

Using COLOR A (the color of both borders), cast on 14 st.
1-40> All knit [Note: knit more rows if you made a wider scarf]
41> K2, [k2tog + make 1—for the button hole], K5, [k2tog + make 1], k3
42-46> All knit
47> Cast off.

Place buttons on the opposite side of the button holes. 



  1. This scarf looks so nice! When I'll finally learn how to knit I'll definitelly try to make one! :D I love the button tab idea!
    Have a nice day :)

  2. What a very cute scarf! I like the ridged texture.

  3. Very pretty! I've been thinking of making something similar - I guess great minds think alike :).

  4. You are right...this scarf is a great stash buster, and believe me my stash needs some busting. I have some ribbon yarn scraps as well as some mohair and more to add to the worsted weight...thanks for the inspiration and the instructions. I think I might whip this one up on my Bond Knitting machine and even though it would have to be seamed, the buttoned tab would be perfect to hide the seam.

    I'm a knitter, too, and have posted about my Sewing/Needleworking Nest...aka studio/knitting/sewing room. Hope you can stop by CollectInTexas Gal...I'm on the I Love Friday Link Party.

  5. A lovely pattern and I love your colour choices. I've added it to my ravelry queue. Thanks for sharing.


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